Currently I'm an Artificial Intelligence student-in-progress (MSc) with a background in Psychology and Sociology (BSc).

I'm enthousiastic about many topics that are related (but not limited) to the digital age or philosophy. Whether it's programming, webdesign or the reality of our existence, I want to be a part of it! I also like to drink beer and hang out with friends.

Curiculum Vitae. Find out more about my educational background, past work experience and technical skills and knowledge.
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Webdesign: Open-minded Media

Innovation through critical thinking. The slogan that accompanies my personal webdesign agency and the qualities that I highly value.

Currently I'm learning Javascript, C# and Java to increase my knowledge and capabilities before I can unleash them on the world wide web.


Personal Projects

From April 2016 till January 2017 I have worked (and am still working) on a project closely related to the TRADR Project as an internee at TNO Soesterberg (The Netherlands). Due to the nature of the project and it being labeled as 'classified' information, I can not give any detailed information.

Some keywords of interest: Behavior Trees, 3D Simulation (Unity), Policies (Drools), C#, Learning Algorithms, Communication Strategies (in combination with Behavior Trees).
A hackathon sponsored by Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and Aeroports de Paris. From june 5th to june 7th (2015) we slept and 'hacked' at Airport Schiphol.

Our team, consisting of three AI students (and friends) Tim, Laurens and me, developed an application for Schiphol that allows for smart advertisement. Our goal was to reduce vacancy in Digital Out Of Home screens (DOOH), increase revenue for Schiphol and for the advertisers. We created a smart algorithm that predicts routes of profile-based searches. We created an auction-based platform for advertisement comparable to Google Adsense.

More information regarding the hackathon can be found at hackandfly.com.
For the Energy Hackathon held in Utrecht, we created an app with Augmented Reality that can scan a QR code that is attached to your personal electronic devices. With this code, insight is given to its real-time energy usage in KWh and costs (in euros).

Since the open data is no longer open, our app is not fully functional for you to see.
Scan a QR-code for instant access to our app. When linked to our environment, scan personalized markers attached to your devices. When these markers are scanned, you will be presented directly with personal, real-time benchmarks that are linked to the household device you are scanning.

More information regarding our hackathon solution can be found at hackerleague.org.
Connecting Food is the app we created for a hackathon regarding Green Energy.

Keywords of impact: Regional sustainability of food supply, impact on water efficiency (international), promoting healthy eating habits (personal), encouraging bicycle activities (personal/national), social cohesion (connecting farmers and consumers on a personal level), food waste prevention (allow farmers to sell products more easily and with more control on prices), self-sustainable platform (develops and grows more potent over time)

More information regarding our hackathon solution can be found at hackerleague.org.

More to follow...

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